Are high heels and hip pants bad for your health?

It is sometimes said that walking in high heels is bad for your back. And hip pants would make you go deaf from the pain there. But what is true of all those things?

Is walking in high heels bad for your back?

According to many people, the high heel or stiletto heel where a woman walks on a heel of 7 centimeters high with a surface area of 1 square centimeter is bad for the back. Orthopedists who deal with people with these types of complaints on a daily basis know whether this is the case. And it turns out to be a myth. No one has ever gotten a worn out back from walking in stilettos or high heels. It is a fact that walking in these elegant shoes after a day of shopping is no longer so elegant. This often causes sore feet. In addition, wearing high heels can cause a tilt in the pelvis. This creates an increased curvature in the lower back. And that ultimately leads to back problems or back pain. Every woman who has ever walked a day in these types of shoes knows that feeling. But the next day it’s over again. There are few women who wear high heels every day. Because wearing regular shoes is often alternated with wearing high heels, the back is almost never overloaded by a day of wearing heels.

The effect of high heels on toes

As mentioned, walking in high heels is not a good thing for your feet. Some women even suffer wear and tear in the big toe joint. This is because the pressure on the forefeet is very high when a woman walks in high heels. So if someone often walks in heels, they will be stressed in this way for a long time. This can cause wear and tear in the joint of the midfoot and forefoot. The result is pain and reduced mobility. Anyone who then starts wearing normal shoes with possibly an arch support can be relieved of the complaints again.

Memory loss due to high heels

Some media have also proclaimed that wearing high heels causes memory loss. The shoes would pinch the nerves and blood vessels, causing the brain and memory to deteriorate. However, this turns out to be a huge myth. Brain blood flow has nothing to do with wearing shoes.

Flat shoes are bad for posture and knees

There are even more claims about wearing flat shoes. They would also be bad because they would also cause back problems, shin pain and back problems. Even corns and arthritis are mentioned. However, those are also myths. Humans are made to walk in flat shoes, otherwise we would have been born with a heel-shaped heel.

Hip pants cause complaints

Wearing hip pants could also cause complaints. It would even be dangerous for plus size men and women, because nerves are pinched. This would cause pain and tingling around the hips. This turns out to be true. The condition is referred to as meralgia paresthetica. This is a numb or burning sensation on the outside of the thighs and is caused by compression of a nerve in the groin. However, it is most common in pregnant women, whose abdomen is causing the pressure. So it’s not the pants. Moreover, the condition is not dangerous, but it is troublesome.

Does a large bag give you back problems?

The large bag is hip in the summer of 2010. Stuffed with all kinds of things, it would cause all kinds of complaints. But is that also true? No, say the scientists. According to the Working Conditions Act, people are even allowed to carry bags with a capacity of 5 kilograms. And most people really can’t achieve that with a normal daily bag.

The corset: ribs used to break through

In 2010, the corset is back. But in a very different form than in Victorian times. At that time, women were tied up in such a way that their ribs broke. They may have looked beautiful with a beautiful wasp waist, but it was not good for their health. In addition to broken ribs (which can also cause collapsed lungs), muscles were weakened by the corset because the body no longer had to do any work, and organs were damaged because they were completely compressed and the blood supply was cut off.

Bound feet

In China they also know what suffering is for beauty. For a long time it was customary in the country to bind women’s feet to make them as small as possible. This happened at a very young age. The little girls’ feet were bound and pressed into tiny shoes. Their toes broke, their feet grew completely crooked and they took on the shape of a kind of pump. As a result, the women were unable to walk properly for the rest of their lives, but it was seen as very desirable.