Taurus from May 2020 to May 2021

This annual overview especially for all Taurus runs from May 2020 to May 2021 and is based exclusively on the position of the Sun. As for all other planets in the horoscope, only a personal birth chart can provide insight into them. Enjoyment is the key word for the Taurus man, many Taurus are a real Burgundian and love the good things on earth such as good food, drinks, cooking and some luxury from time to time. Taurus is a fertile and feminine sign that teaches us to enjoy life, nature, tranquility and peace and everything that Mother Earth can give us. Taurus is also the sign of property, work must lead to property or increase it. Taurus people are upset by unrest, changes and the disappearance of certainties, we are not fond of changes. Taurus is principled and conservative, it has enormous resilience and is very peaceful by nature, so it takes a long, long time before a Taurus gets angry, but then there is usually no stopping it. The body parts that belong to Taurus are the neck, throat, thyroid and the senses. The homeopathic remedy that belongs to Taurus is Natrium Sulfuricum for the melancholic person who can no longer feel a blow and who no longer wants to see anyone. All fluid and sensation remain trapped and one has a chronic need for rest, security and stability. Here Natrium Sulfuricum helps to drain the retained fluid and to bring some zest and reality back to the stuck melancholic.

Then the planets that will influence Taurus next year.


All Taurus whose birthday is between May 12 and 18 will have a beautiful aspect of Pluto to their Sun, which provides a time in which you can gain insight into yourself and experience personal progress. Pluto can also certainly confront you with the past during this time.


All Taureans whose birthdays are between May 7 and 14 have more attention and more understanding for the people around them, thanks to Neptune. Spirituality may also play an important role and Neptune can also provide great sensitivity. Tauruses are now able to empathize with others, especially when it comes to people who need help now. Neptune also stimulates the imagination and that can provide a lot of creative inspiration this year.


Uranus has been in the sign of Taurus since March 2019. All Taurus whose birthdays are between April 25 and May 1 have Uranus on top of their Sun this year. That gives many Taurus the impetus for change. Uranus brings renewal, reform, unrest, desire for (more) freedom and not to forget inner unrest. Your rhythm is out of whack. The advice that applies is: try to prepare for changes, there are probably things in your life that need to change (for a long time). In the coming years you will have the opportunity to break patterns. Uranus runs through the sign of Taurus for 7 years, so all Tauruses get the opportunity to transform, to grow and move forward. And that is not what the average Taurus person is looking for. It often causes too much unrest. Uranus is not very gentle and demands that you get up now! And gets to work. Break the patterns that hinder your growth, change course (carefully). You will see a world opens up for you. Do it at your own pace, but do it. It will take at least 83 years before Uranus gives you this opportunity again, and as Taurus we can’t wait for that.


Saturn will remain in Aquarius until early July and until then it will make a combative aspect to all Tauruses whose birthdays are around April 21. This can confront you with things from the past. In addition, the outside world does not make it easy for you, in fact they try to hinder you in your thinking and actions. In addition, there is a good chance that you feel far from fit. Sometimes it has something to do with something that happened 7 years ago.

From July 2 to mid-December, Saturn will be in Capricorn again for a while, which gives a period of rest. From mid-December, Saturn is back in the sign of Aquarius and then Taurus whose birthday is between April 20 and May 14 will have to deal with Saturn as described above.


Jupiter is still in the sign of Capricorn and thus sends positivity and growth opportunities to Taurus, from the 2nd half of December Jupiter will also be in the sign of Aquarius. From now on, your self-control can be put to the test. From this moment on, Jupiter and Saturn are moving together and therefore also push their bundled energy towards Taurus, especially April Taurus may be confronted with the contradiction of these two planets. Growth and limitation can now play an important role in your lives. Are you completely changing course or are you looking for a new form of freedom? Try to keep control so that you decide for yourself.

Good luck everyone, make it a wise and growing year.