Names of Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters, also called Ascended Masters or Light Masters, are helpers for the Earth and its inhabitants. They once lived as human beings and know our needs like no other. The Ascended Masters have gone before us, as it were, and are helping us from the higher dimensions. They work closely with the Archangels, Angels, Guides and Nature Beings. These beautiful creatures are there for us, but can only be truly helpful to us if we are willing to let them.

What are Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and guides who assist and help us from the higher dimensions. These Masters once lived as humans on Earth, just like us. Through certain spiritual growth processes they have achieved Ascension and have therefore transcended the reincarnation cycle. They have committed themselves to helping people and the planet in their growth process, transformation and Ascension. The Ascended Masters work closely with the Archangels and Angels. These themselves have never had a physical life on Earth.

One can call upon both the Ascended Masters and the Angels for help. For personal help, but also for social issues, for disasters in the world and for the well-being of our planet. For example, you could ask for their help while watching the News. Instead of getting angry at people from the government or other people in charge, you can ask the Ascended Masters to intervene in the injustice and bring harmony to the situation. Or if disasters and accidents have happened, you can send a quick prayer to the Angels and ask them to help in the disaster area. These Heavenly auxiliaries want nothing more than to help.

The Masters as well as the Angels may never simply intervene. They need our permission or request for help to take action. Many people who channel are in contact with the Ascended Masters. Many lightworkers and healers also work closely with the Ascended Masters and Angels; it enriches their work enormously. Here you will find a list of the most famous Ascended Masters with a brief description.





is a Celtic god

he helps soul mates meet each other


Japanese Shinto sun goddess

she helps you to strengthen your self-esteem


he is a Greek sun god

Apollo is the son of Zeus and the twin brother of goddess Artemis. He is known for his physical strength.


Eastern god, is seen as the masculine side of Quan Yin

he watches over the world and, like Quan Yin, hears all prayers

Babaji Nagraij

is a beloved yogi

is known as the immortal avatar. Babaji encouraged Paramahansa Yogananda to introduce yoga to the Western world.


or Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

dedicated his life to alleviate and redeem human suffering


lived from 551 BC to 479 BC

he was a famous thinker and philosopher from ancient China. The Great Book of Changes (I Ching) bears his mark

Djwal Khul

the Tibetan, student of Master Kuthumi, ascended in 1875

it represents self-awareness and brings us to our own power and strength


reincarnation of John the Baptist

announced the coming of Jesus, was captured and beheaded

El Morya

is a member of the royal family in Kashmir in the 19th century

stands for power, willpower, perseverance and self-confidence


she is the fairytale fertility goddess

She is also the patroness of horses, the environment and nature spirits

St. Francis of Assisi

son of a wealthy Italian fabric merchant

renounced his inheritance rights and followed a spiritual path. He is the patron saint of the environment and animals


is the Hindu ‘Conqueror of Obstacles’

Ganesh has the head of an elephant. He is very supportive of writers and helps anyone who is in trouble

Green Man

he is considered the face of nature and as a fertility god, who ensured the growth of the harvest

woodcuts and paintings of the Green Man’s face can be found in many old churches throughout Western Europe and India


Egyptian mother of the gods

she is the goddess of love, joy and dance


Master of charisma and charisma

he helps people to love themselves more and to let their inner light out

Hermes Trismegistus

prophet and spiritual leader

he is considered a source of inspiration for alchemists, astrologers and occultists


lived in the Middle East in the 4th century

he became known for his successful cures


is a Polynesian and Hawaiian moon goddess

one can call upon her for fertility, attraction and manifestation


Egyptian sky and sun god

he has a falcon’s head. His parents are Osiris and Isis


she was an Egyptian goddess

she was also a great spiritual leader, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus


also called Sananda

Jesus is the messenger of unconditional love and forgiveness. He symbolizes Christianity


8th incarnation of Vishnu (one of the three Hindu gods who watch over the Earth and its inhabitants

Krishna brings blessings to all who invoke him


was a spiritual leader who lived in 19th century Italy

Theosophist Madame Blavatsky met Kuthumi during his lifetime. After his death she channeled his messages

Lady Nada

she was, among other things, a dancer in the Temple of Love at the time of Atlantis

works with Saint Germain and Archangel Michael, to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the world

Lahiri Mahasya

Indian yogi and guru (1828-1895)

Lahiri remained an ‘ordinary’ man with a family and a job at the railway


she is a hindu goddess

Laksmi represents happiness, prosperity and abundance


Chohan of the second ray, ancient Chinese Master

provides educational support and helps spiritual teachers with their students

Lao Tzu

Chinese philosopher (604 BC to 507 BC)

founder of Taoism, stands for inner peace and acceptance: it is the way it is


is a Celtic sun god of the harvest

he was also a master of artistic skills, of poetry and medicine

Mahachohan Ragoczy

Divine leader

great spiritual leader, one of his students was Saint Germain. He is committed to world peace


also called the Laughing Buddha

this round-bellied Buddhist monk was known for his compassion and magnanimity


is a Buddhist deity of wisdom

he carries a sword to break all illusions

Mary Magdalene

played a very important role in the life of Jesus

she stands for unconditional love

Meher Baba

was an Indian guru of Iranian descent

his credo was: don’t worry, be happy! By which he meant the fact that we attach too much value to the drama of life itself


was a Canaanite priest-king and teacher of patriarch Abraham

Melchizedek is considered a descendant of Noah. He is a great spiritual Master of alchemy and geometry (the building blocks of matter).


magician and wise wizard

is associated with King Arthur’s Camelot, Avalon and Glastonburgy. He helps spiritual teachers to combine their energetic forces


(c.1050-1135), Milarepa was one of the most important Tibetan Yogis

he played a major role in Tibetan Buddhism

Mother Mary

the mother of Jesus

Mother Mary also belongs to the Ascended Masters and she still lives in many hearts of humanity. She represents unconditional love for yourself and others. She is also the patroness of children


Moses was the Biblical prophet and leader of the Israelites during the exodus from Egypt

he calls on us to take responsibility and have integrity

Lady Nada

she was a temple dancer in Atlantis and Mary Magdalene during the lifetime of Jesus

Lady Nada works with Saint Germain and Archangel Michael to balance the masculine and feminine energies


African Goddess of rivers and lakes (fresh water)

she encourages us to drink enough water and detoxify our body regularly. She also helps with problems related to low self-esteem or if you want more romance in your life


Osiris originally comes from Egyptian mythology

he and Isis had a son on behalf of Horus. As an Ascended Master he deals with everything that has to do with masculine energy

Pallas Athena

Greek goddess

she represents wisdom and helps with conflicts


Greek god of nature

it is about fertility (also during pregnancy) and music. It is said that the pan flute came from him

Paramahansa Yogananda

1893 – 1952, great yoga teacher

he wrote the Autobiography of a Yogi. The message of Paramahansa Yogananda is: meditate and practice yoga to find your inner peace


Hindu goddess of mountains, beauty, marriage and family

You can ask her for help with all these matters

Paul the Venetian

was once an Italian artist

he is the Chohan (administrator) of the cosmic 4th ray. He is involved with everything artistic such as drawing, painting, music and writing

Padre Pio

1887-1968, Italian Holy Father

In traditional circles in Italy, Padre Pio is still much loved, invoked and worshipped

Lady Portia

she is one of the lords of karma, and of the seventh ray

helps to balance head and heart

Quan Yin/Kuan Yin

Buddhist Goddess

she is the Mother of compassion, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. She brought the beautiful healing system of Magnified Healing to Earth. It is said that she can hear every tear that falls here and she will not stop helping humanity until all sorrow (all suffering) is resolved

Sri Ramakrishna

1836-1886, great Hindu teacher who was in permanent contact with the Divine

statements from him:

Ramana Maharshi

1879-1950, important Indian guru of the last century

he was a great believer in BEING (sat in silent meditation for 20 years)


also known as Master Rama, lived about 35,000 years ago in Lemuria (Master of the wind)

he is channeled by JZ Knight and founded the School of Enlightenment. Ramtha helps you remember your divine origins

Lady Rowena

ascended in 1879, Priestess from Atlantis

Lady Rowena encourages us to practice self-discipline and control

Saint Germain

1710-1784, count from France

Saint Germain was famous for his alchemical and magical gifts. He helps the lightworkers on earth with their work for world peace

King Solomon

King of Israel

he encourages us to set priorities and be more assertive (e.g. learning to say no when we don’t want something that someone else expects of us)

Sanat Kumara

one of the seven sons of Brahma

Sanat Kumara plays a major role in the religious traditions of the East. He is, among other things, chairman of the Great White Brotherhood

Serapis Bey

he, like most Ascended Masters, had many incarnations. At the time of Atlantis he was a High Priest in the temple of the Ascension

If you need more energy or motivation to take action, you can ask Serapis Bey for help

Teresa of Avila

1515-1582, famous Spanish mystic among the Catholic saints

Teresa was very devout to God; she founded many monasteries. She has also written a number of valuable books


Egyptian god

According to mythology, Thoth invented writing. He is therefore the ideal helping Master for writers


Hindu god

Vishnu works with Brahma and Shiva to protect the world. If you have too many doubts and need more confidence, you can ask Vishnu for help

White Buffalo Calf Woman

a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Indians

If you find it difficult to forgive yourself or others or you want more harmony in your relationship or in the world, you can call on her