Lose weight quickly before the summer

There are lots of things you can do to lose pounds. However, losing weight too quickly can be dangerous. However, these methods can also cause you to lose muscle. They can also cause damage to the heart and other organs. Instead, you can follow the following steps to lose weight and still stay healthy.

Determine your daily calorie intake

It is also important that you know how many calories you burn during an average day. You can calculate this using the calculator below this one here. Be honest when completing the form using the calculator. Start from what you do now and how much you move now. Don’t assume how much exercise you want to do because if you don’t maintain it, the proportions will be skewed and you won’t lose weight.

Write down all the things you eat on a typical day. Carry a small notebook with you and write down every snack, drink and meal. Don’t forget to include the number of sugar cubes in the tea or coffee, the number of times you make a sandwich and with which butter, etc. It is best to keep track of this for a number of days a week and for a whole weekend. This way you can create a weekly table of your calorie intake. It is important that you do not start a diet the week you record this. It concerns your normal eating pattern as you have it when you are not on a diet. The easiest way is to write down what you eat throughout the day and take the calorie table with you in the evening to count. The calorie table can be found in this link

Delete, reduce and replace.

Once you have kept this list for a week, sit down with this list. You will see what things you can cross off the list. You will see what things you can replace. You will also look at what things you can reduce.
It is important that you do not do this too drastically. You are in a certain eating pattern and if you change this drastically, the chance that you will not maintain it is very high. You better start changing things. For example, if you are used to drinking 3 cups of milk a day, replace 1 or 2 cups of milk with cups of optimel. Are you used to regularly eating chips in the evening? Then replace this a few times with snack a jacks, for example. This way you reduce your calorie intake without sacrificing too much. Be realistic about what you can maintain. Losing weight may be a lot slower, but it will continue. With crash diets, weight loss happens very quickly, but because it is almost impossible to maintain, a yo-yo effect occurs.

Of course, it is also important that you look at what you use in a day. You can also sit down and think about what you could change. An extra walk one day. Maybe a little bit of exercise. Here too, be realistic about what you can maintain.

It’s better to change everything slowly. For example, eliminating or replacing a portion of food every two weeks and adding a little exercise every two weeks. If you immediately start exercising and you are absolutely not a sports person, you will not be able to maintain this and the effect will actually be nil.

Plan your meals.

It’s much easier to see which meals are low in calories when you plan them in advance. If you have to decide what you are going to eat on the same day and also look at the calories, then that is actually a lot of effort. This makes it easier for you to drop out. Make sure you plan the menu for the entire week so that you don’t have to think about it again that week. You will then have time and peace to do other things.

Pay attention to the portion size.

Chips come in reasonably large bags. It’s easy if it happens to be next to you to eat it right away. If you love chips, place a small bowl filled with chips. If you feel like it even more, get another bowl. If you then ensure that the chips are light and that you have to walk 10 times before the bag is empty, you will have extra exercise, less calorie intake and perhaps a nice movie will take you all evening to make a bag, while it would otherwise take half an hour. .

Healthy snacks.

You also often hear that, take an apple instead of a candy or a cookie. Great advice and of course very good for health and fitness. However, if you prefer sweets or cookies to fruit, then again you will not be able to maintain this. So start looking for the right replacement for the cookies and sweets you would normally choose. Find something with a lot fewer calories but that you like at least as much. In addition, start by replacing 1 snack with a piece of fruit. This way it is much easier to maintain and your calorie intake is also limited.

Drink a lot of water.

Water is of course always good for you. But if you are not used to this, it also takes some getting used to and you have to persevere with it. Start drinking water at times when you already have a cup of water. So instead of emptying your cup after rinsing after brushing your teeth, refill it again. In any case, you drink at least two extra cups of water per day. What also helps is to drink an extra glass of water for every cup or glass of drink you would normally drink. Keeping a bottle of water near your work is also a good option. You also need to learn how to drink water if you are not used to it. Try to get into a routine so that this too does not become dull and disappear.


Throw away your guilt. Are you unable to limit your calorie intake today? Tomorrow there’s another day. Don’t eat less the day before a party or the day after a party. The only thing you could perhaps do the next day is a little extra exercise, such as an extra walk. That is much healthier for you than changing your diet and it is just as effective.

Be realistic.

You may want to lose 100 pounds, but you may feel despondent at the thought. Then just aim for 5 kilos first and be happy with every kilo you lose. Don’t expect miracles and don’t expect kilos a day, be satisfied with a kilo every two weeks and certainly don’t let that discourage you. Your goal should be a healthy body and a healthy mind. The number of kilos is of secondary importance.