Beauty: Go into the sun with healthy skin

Everyone now knows that the sun, especially unprotected, can be disastrous for your skin. We often know approximately what we can do and what we cannot do, but many do not yet actually act on it. Finding out when something is discovered happens to quite a few people. But by then it may already be too late, whether this is severely aged skin or worse, skin cancer. So if you go out into the sun, do it responsibly.


It is best to stay out of the sun, but with the wonderful summers we have had in recent years, that is hardly an option. It is a misunderstanding that the parasol takes away all our problems. It is also a good idea to continue applying sunscreen under the parasol.

Provided that the sun is also good, with the sun vitamin D is produced and essential for the human body. And the body also does everything it can to protect the body, because the layer that covers the skin, the so-called tanning, is that protection. It is simply not enough to protect the body and that can directly lead to burning of the body and, in the long run, more structural disorders.

What can you pay attention to?

  • It seems like a no-brainer, but avoiding bright sunlight, especially at the brightest hours, is important. It is simply bad to be in full sun between 12 noon and 3 p.m.
  • With or without a parasol, it is a good idea to apply good sunscreen (a high factor).
  • Applying it once a day is not a solution, but apply it to the skin regularly.
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses with a UV filter. This must be stated and the better sunglasses also have it. Glasses for beauty are fine, but don’t forget what sunglasses are actually for: protecting the eyes.
  • Clothing is of course also an excellent protection. Light cotton is nice in the sun and protects, but if you are in the sun for a long time it is good to apply some sunscreen. There is special clothing on the market that provides good protection against UV radiation. For example, certain sportswear is made that has this in it. It has to be there.
  • The head is of course also well shielded from the sun by caps and hats, but here too it still doesn’t hurt to apply sunscreen.
  • If you really want a parasol to be sufficient, there are also parasols that have been specially treated and do not transmit UV. A seller can say it, but it really has to be there, otherwise it will not have been addressed.

Lubricate lubricate lubricate

It cannot be said often enough, but continuing to apply sunscreen when the sun burns, and this certainly applies to the early spring sun with skin that is not yet used to anything, is essential. Essential for the suppleness of the skin, which helps against aging, but also the disastrous effect of the sun, skin cancer. Some skin is of course more sensitive to it than others, but the fact remains that any skin can develop skin cancer and everyone must therefore apply sunscreen.

Apply it well before going into the sun and keep the bottle or jar with you, because applying it every few hours is not an unnecessary luxury. The nose and other extra sensitive areas can be treated with a sunblock. Then the sun will no longer be allowed in at all and you won’t be walking around in the evenings with a bright red nose or shoulders.

There are different factors for different skin types.

  • Very fair skin type, burns quickly and hardly tans (including small children) – factor 30 or more.
  • Light skin type, can burn relatively quickly and the skin can tan slightly – factor 15 to 20.
  • Slightly light skin type, the risk of burning is not very high and you tan well – factor 10 to 15.
  • Colored skin type, hardly any chance of burning and quick tanning – factor 4 to 10.

Nice brown

You can also encourage a nice tan by scrubbing the skin well before going into the sun. All dead skin cells are then gone and the skin is beautifully even. Applying it well also applies if you have scrubbed your skin.