Exercises for the shoulder

Do you want more muscle strength, stability or mobility in your shoulder? Read all exercises for the shoulder region here.

The shoulder

The shoulder is a complex joint consisting of several bones. Namely: the collarbone, the humerus. the shoulder roof and the shoulder blade, these four bones are connected to each other. In addition, the shoulder consists of a head and a socket. This socket is not that deep, so it dislocates more quickly than, for example, the hip. This also allows a lot of mobility in the joint. This is also necessary if you consider what you have to do with your arm all day long.

There are 4 muscles around the shoulder that provide stability, these muscles are called the Rotator cuff muscles:

  • Infraspinatus muscles
  • Supraspinatus muscle
  • Teres minor muscle
  • Subscapularis muscle

Although the shoulder is an extremely mobile joint, its mobility may still be reduced due to injuries or conditions such as a frozen shoulder or a tendon rupture. In these cases, a physiotherapist is usually involved, but practicing at home can also help a lot. Pay attention to your pain threshold!

Mobility exercises:

  1. Take a stick or broom and hold it behind your back with both hands. Now try to raise the stick as far as possible. (variations on this include moving the stick over your head, or holding the stick in front of your body and moving it from left to right).
  2. Take a ball and stand in front of a wall. Grab it with both hands and now try to roll the ball up the wall. As high as you go.
  3. Rotate in circles with your shoulders and/or entire arms. Forward and backward.
  4. Sit on your knees in front of a chair, couch or bed. Place the forearms on this. And make sure that the back and arms now together form a long plank. If possible, try to press your body down slightly so that the arms overextend slightly.
  5. Stand with your side next to a wall. Place your arm as high as possible on the wall, and then look away from this wall (so that your body ‘turns’ away from the arm).
  6. Raise one arm and the other arm behind your back. Now try to get your hands as close together as possible behind your back.
  7. Extend one arm straight in front of you, and grab the upper arm with the other hand and ‘pull’ this arm towards you. (Elephant trunk)

Muscle strength exercises:

  1. Lie on your back on a mat. Take a weight in both hands. Place your arms at your sides and raise your arm 90 degrees. Then place your arms horizontally and raise both arms at the same time.
  2. Do the same on your stomach.
  3. Take the weights (or dynaband) again and stand. Now make all movements of the shoulder.
  4. Chair push up. Sit on a chair and place both hands on the edge next to you. Now try to push yourself up so that your buttocks come off the chair.
  5. The push-up.

These are just a few exercises that improve shoulder function. There are many more, but generally they all have the same effect.