Lose weight quickly

We all know by now that the kilos we want to lose are generally only of a structural nature if we do it gradually. That doesn’t change the fact that we sometimes want to lose a few pounds quickly, especially with summer approaching, and that is possible. However, it is not a solution to structurally follow this way of eating, for the simple reason that you will then become malnourished and miss vitamins, with all the consequences that entails.


It is good with any diet to take a multivitamin and 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily. This amount is always important, but especially when you are dieting.
Other basic rules are:

  • Divide your nutrition throughout the day. This keeps your intestines busy.
  • Take a few spoons of broken linseed every day to stimulate bowel movements. For example, the linseed can be mixed with a bowl of yogurt.
  • Coffee and tea without sugar or milk are allowed all day, but try to use caffeine and theine free products.
  • Exercise extra, good for losing weight and good for digestion.
  • A little bit colder in the house/environment makes your body have to work harder, which is good for the process if you want to lose weight.

Power supply

It is important with any diet that you do not feel hungry, because then there is a greater chance that you will not be able to maintain it. In addition, you are more likely to cheat and make a complete mistake.
Spread your food over the day and try not to exceed 800 calories for 7 to a maximum of 10 days. Longer than that is no longer justified at any time. Furthermore, fresh vegetables are always fine and contain very few calories. Try to avoid pork and limit carbohydrates.

Some examples:

  • morning: bowl of low-fat cottage cheese with chopped pear and a few bunches of red currants
  • afternoon: omelette of 2 eggs with a few slices of tomato and a slice of roast beef
  • evening: freshly prepared lettuce with sherry tomatoes, some cucumber cubes, some cocktail onions, handful of capers, half a pepper and 100 grams of fresh shrimp
  • morning: bowl of low-fat yogurt with banana and some strawberries
  • afternoon: 2 boiled eggs and some whole wheat crackers
  • evening: cook 300 grams of broccoli with a piece of salmon
  • morning: 3 whole wheat crackers with Huttenkase and some tomato slices on top
  • afternoon: large bowl of freshly made vegetable chicken soup
  • evening: freshly prepared arugula lettuce with some natural dressing (not oil-based), some halved sherry tomatoes and some pine bean seeds. Heat a slice of fresh goat cheese in the oven on a slice of apple and serve it with the lettuce.
  • morning: bowl of low-fat yogurt with freshly cut pieces of melon (different types for a better taste)
  • afternoon: 2 whole wheat rusks with some Philapelphia light with a slice of roast beef
  • evening: cook 250 grams of fresh cauliflower and sprinkle some low-fat cheese over it while steaming it dry. Serve it with a medium-sized chicken breast from the grill


To keep the intestines moving, it is good to eat something between meals. Moreover, it prevents you from feeling hungry. For example, take a grapefruit or melon in between or some fresh mixed fruit from a container (not made with syrup!). But heating up a small bowl of fresh soup (especially not the cup-a-soup, because these are very salty) is also filling.

Do not start with the snack bars because they are very high in sugar and contain many calories. If you want some solid food in between, it’s even better to take a breadstick.

To move

Exercise is always good, we know that, but it stimulates digestion, so take an extra walk during your diet, for example. Or walk somewhere where you would normally take the car.
If you take the bus somewhere, get off a stop earlier to take that walk or make your dog happy by taking him/her for a longer walk.