Getting married on Schiermonnikoog

Looking for a special wedding location? In this article you will find an overview of the various options offered on Schiermonnikoog. Our experiences may help you see the advantages of getting married on this special island. We knew Schiermonnikoog well from many weekends and holidays. The moment you get on the boat from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog, the stress of the mainland immediately starts to melt away. When we started looking for a nice wedding location, Schiermonnikoog quickly became our preference. In our case, family and friends do not live nearby, which makes the choice for a remote location easier.


A wedding takes quite a bit of preparation. Banns, guest list, rings, catering, all things that need to be arranged at every wedding. Getting married on Schiermonnikoog has the advantage that the wedding will certainly require a number of visits to Schiermonnikoog. Anticipation is half the fun, these visits certainly contribute to that.
We went to Schiermonnikoog completely unprepared. We didn’t even know exactly where to find the town hall, so we went into the police station with the question: “we would like to get married, what now?”. The police officers on duty referred us to the town hall, where the official obligations were handled properly.

Wedding location options

There are several options on Schiermonnikoog, including:

  1. Town hall (Nieuwestreek 5)
  2. Meeting Church (Langestreek 23)
  3. NH Church (Ds HW Hundlingiuspad 8)
  4. Roman Catholic Chapel (Badweg 69)

We actually wanted to have the wedding in the lighthouse, but unfortunately it was closed due to mercury poisoning. We chose to get married only in front of the congregation, in the Roman Catholic Chapel on the Badweg. This church is not that big and has a very cozy atmosphere for a small group.

Overnight options

There are plenty of options to spend the night on Schiermonnikoog. There are some obvious hotels

  1. Hotel Van der Werff
  2. Hotel Graaf Bernstorff
  3. Beach apartments Noderstraun
  4. Hotel café restaurant de Tjattel
  5. Apartments Boszicht

Hotel van der Werff is the most famous hotel on the island with a lot of style and character. We chose Strandappartementen Noderstraun. Sea view from the bedroom was very important to us.

Culinary options

Schiermonnikoog has a limited number of restaurants, all with their own character. Every hotel has a restaurant. During the day, Beach Pavilion De Marlijn is very good and relaxed, especially when the weather is nice. Our choice fell on the restaurant in the Noderstraun. The stress increased somewhat when the restaurant went bankrupt a few weeks before the ultimate moment. Fortunately, with the help of catering from Tjattel and the very sweet cooperating manager of the bankrupt restaurant, we were still able to organize a delicious feast in one of our apartments.

Photo reporting

An absolute highlight was the photo report we made. At the Bridal Fair of the East, the photographers were queuing up when they heard that we were getting married on Schiermonnikoog and were looking for a photographer who wanted to come along for the weekend. The photographer has not charged anything for the stay; he made it a fun weekend with his own family. The day after the wedding we cycled around the island with the photographer in our wedding clothes. This has resulted in a very valuable and unique report that is more than worth the money.