Manicure: what to expect?

Anyone who takes good care of their hands can decide to treat them with a manicure on a regular basis. This beauty treatment ensures that the hands remain in top condition and also treats the nails. Everything for a beautiful hand. Although you can do this very well at home, there is also the option of having this done by a professional.

Manicure general

The word manicure comes from Latin. The two Latin words that make up the word mean hand (manus) and care (curere) respectively. People have been doing manicures for over 5,000 years. This was in India. Here henna was used for the manicure.
From 1920 onwards, manicures really made their breakthrough in Europe. The French manicure became extremely popular and that is still the case today, although other nail trends are also very popular these days.

What does a manicure treatment consist of?

Not all manicure treatments are the same, but they are all comparable in structure and content. You will often see that there are two different manicures offered. The normal variant and the more luxurious, more intensive variant. With most standard treatments, most attention is paid to the nails:

  • The cuticles are pushed back
  • The cuticles are cared for
  • The nails are filed
  • The nails are polished
  • The nails are painted with base coat and then, if necessary, with a top coat.
  • The hands are often rubbed with a nourishing lotion

If you opt for a more luxurious variant of the manicure, you can often count on:

  • A relaxing and nourishing bath for hands (and nails)
  • A hand massage
  • A scrub for the hands
  • A paraffin treatment (this softens the skin, strengthens it and stimulates blood circulation)

What is used during a manicure?

The following objects are used during a manicure treatment:
bowl with warm water

  • nail clippers
  • manicure table
  • goat leg
  • Trim nails
  • massage lotion
  • nail polish
  • nail polish
  • hand cream
  • towel

Where can you get a manicure treatment?

Manicure treatments are often offered by nail salons and wellness centers.

How much does a manicure cost?

The prices of manicures are approximately between 20 and 40 euros. In general, an extension of the manicure with a paraffin treatment is added to the standard price of the treatment, because it is really an extra.