Fashion trends in cosmetics land

Fashion in the cosmetics world has not been really serious for years. Every now and then a new color and occasionally a spectacular new product can hardly be called “fashion”. But there is money in fashion and so the cosmetics world has also taken it seriously.


The basis of cosmetics is beautification in the broadest sense of the word. It should not have to be subject to fashion, except for launching a new product every now and then due to developments. But nothing is less true.

Firstly, developments are going fast when it comes to the shelf life (on the face) of make-up and in addition, at some point we all want cosmetics to help us when it comes to the aging process. New spreads appear regularly that promise all kinds of things and the truth is of course a bit more nuanced, but we all try. Ultimately, some people accept the fact that we get more wrinkles and some don’t and look for a plastic surgeon. In both cases, continued care is of course important.

From the inside

We all know by now that the better we behave on the inside, the better it is on the outside. This means mental well-being and healthy nutrition and if you cannot do this on your own, seek help, because there is no better remedy for the outside.

Support nature

But if we do decide to help nature in another way, there have been some nice trends in recent years. Some that have recently arrived or are still to come.


Several popular brands already have the lipstick in 2 parts in their range. The color with a kind of lacquer layer over it, which retains the color and does not make it rub off. In the past, the lacquer layer was still a bit hard or downright irritating for many lips, but the composition has improved significantly and the lips now remain supple and manageable, even for many opponents (because of the side effects). A clear improvement in the segment. Add to that the warm pink/red colors that are currently in fashion and you will almost always find the color you are looking for. The fashion colors contain a very subtle sparkle, which normally makes them look a little more unnatural. But the addition is so limited that it is not disturbing.

The MAC brand seems to have invented the color. Bright, cheerful and not very subtle colors that are reflected in the lipstick, but also the eye shadow and even the bags in which the products go. Very colorful for the warm months.

If you just want shine, Biotherm has a nourishing lip gloss with a sun filter and is ideal on the beach or on the ski slope.


The eye shadow will be present for the coming period. Present in the sense of subtle eye shadow in sea green to bright gray and even pink tones. All very cheerful, but it is important to handle it carefully. This prevents your face from becoming a palette. If your eyes get all the color, try to keep the rest of the colors a bit more subtle.

The eye creams are of course also getting better. For example, the new LOreal line has a soft eye cream (apply by tapping), but the cool eye creams in the various lines from Chanel, Lancome or Dior are also very pleasant during the warm months. They remove any swelling, cool and let your eyes rest. Kenzo also has a new eye cream, Angel Eyes with white lotus, which is a wonderful product. Most are in gel form and are great products for the summer months.


The nail polish follows in line with the lipstick and always forms nice combinations. The summer months have also been provided with some new colors with lots of pink/red, deep red and off-white. OPI is a forerunner when it comes to high-quality products, beautiful colors and a reasonable price.
But the spreadability that is pleasant for one person is not necessarily so for the other. Chanel, for example, applies a bit more heavily than OPI or Sally Hansen, but it just depends on what someone likes. It is true that everyone wants their nails to dry as quickly as possible and there are big differences in that. Often the only thing that works is to experience it for yourself.


To combat aging, new products appear every month. One month Biotherm comes out with seemingly revolutionary products and the next month Chanel comes out with a new super line. Within the latter brand, The Ultra Correction Lift has received very good reviews.

By the way, the old sauna where your skin is cleansed by the steam is also very pleasant for most people. And that has nothing to do with fashion and is as old as the road to Rome.