The Master Cleanse: A Detox Diet

The Master Cleanse consists of consuming a mix consisting of lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and laxative tea. It would be beneficial for your health and help you lose weight. However, according to doctors, it is not always healthy to follow the diet.

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse, also known as the ‘Lemon Cleanse’ or the ‘Maple Syrup Diet’, is a detoxifying program for the mind and body created in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative doctor. In the mid-1990s it became very popular again because Peter Glickman started promoting the diet again. Burroughs says it is a detox treatment that helps remove harmful substances from the body and aids weight loss. It can also be used as a treatment for ulcers and, according to Burroughs, for ‘any kind of disease’. However, there is no empirical or scientific evidence for these claims.
The Master Cleanse would ensure that the body is purified and that you will crave less for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, coffee, tea and various other hot drinks. The cleanse consists of drinking a mix containing lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper as well as a laxative tea. Solid food is never eaten during the treatment. Proponents recommend a cleanse of at least ten days, but some people stay on the diet even longer, up to 45 or 90 days.

Benefits for your health

Stanley Burroughs and other authors claim that the Master Cleanse removes toxins such as pesticides, hormones, prescription medications, chemical fertilizers and metals from the body. In healthy people, the body is designed to remove everyday toxins on its own with the help of the lungs, kidneys, liver and other elimination organs. Proponents of the Master Cleanse claim that the diet has helped them lose weight, gain energy and even overcome chronic diseases. Apart from the fact that the diet causes weight loss, there is no empirical evidence for the other claims.
Nutritionist Jane Clark points out that the diet is missing certain essential nutrients. For example, there is a deficiency of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Although a protein deficiency cannot occur in the short term, it is still important to keep an eye on this. These deficiencies (you also consume fewer calories than usual) can lead to headaches and other symptoms in the short term. In the longer term, it can become dangerous to continue following the diet. Clark also believes that the ‘saltwater flush’ (a salt water rinse sometimes used during the diet) can remove harmful as well as good bacteria from the body. A diet that does not allow solid foods can also cause the individual to become constipated or experience pain when they begin eating solid foods again after the diet. Some people may also experience diarrhea. This is not that bad, but if it lasts longer than 2 days it is important to consult a doctor. People with intestinal problems such as ‘spastic intestines’ may experience irritation during the cleansing process.

Weight loss

Many proponents of the diet recommend it not only for weight loss but also for its purifying function. Yet the weight loss is most noticeable after the Master Cleanse.
Some celebrities have used the lemonade diet to lose weight quickly. They encourage ‘ordinary’ people to follow their example and use an extreme diet or a crash diet. In 2006, the Master Cleanse received a lot of media attention because several celebrities used it. Singer and actress BeyoncĂ© followed the Master Cleanse for 14 days and lost 10 kilos for her role in the film Dreamgirls. Other celebrities include Howard Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers, who claims he lost 33 pounds with the treatment. Jared Leto also took the Master Cleanse and lost the weight he was forced to gain to play ‘Mark David Chapman’ (he gained 50 pounds before doing so). Doctors say that those who use the Master Cleanse to lose weight eventually gain it back. will arrive in the future. BeyoncĂ© does not recommend the treatment to lose weight unless it is necessary to star in a movie. According to her, there are other, better ways to lose weight. According to doctors, the lack of essential nutrients is the main reason for not following detoxification regimens. They consider them unnecessary and possibly even dangerous to health.