A different lifestyle is the solution to obesity

More and more people are realizing that dieting is not a solution to structurally get rid of excess weight and also live a good life. Something else has to happen in our heads to bring about that change. A different lifestyle is the solution, but that sometimes requires a battle with yourself, just like maintaining the diet.

Recognize and acknowledge

Recognizing and acknowledging a problem is the first step and actually the most difficult. Saying that you can’t do anything about it because you have a slow metabolism, have weak feet and can’t exercise or don’t have time are all excuses. And nothing more than fooling yourself actually happens. After all, you are the owner of your own body and if you want to grow old healthily, or at least contribute to that as much as possible, you will have to do it yourself. And exceptions confirm the rule that some people cannot do something due to a disability and are unable to do something without being really aware of everything that is bad for them. But overall we are overweight ourselves and will therefore have to do something to change that.

Next steps yes or no

Once you recognize and acknowledge your behavior, the first important step has been taken. You know that something is happening to your body and that this is not good for you and you have the choice to do something about it. Of course, that could also mean that you don’t have enough backbone to do anything about it or that you’re okay with it. You are resigned to the fact that you are knowingly allowing your body to deteriorate at an accelerated pace. If this is a conscious choice, then the only aspect is whether you can use all health insurance policies, after all you consciously bring more health care costs to the insurers. Furthermore, it is your own choice and you should be respected for it. On the other hand, if you want to do it differently, you may need to be able to do this with the help of someone. Pulling out a diet book and losing weight like crazy is not the solution. At least not to structurally work on a healthy body.

Healthy mind

A healthy body requires a healthy mind and you get that healthy mind when you consciously manage your body and mind. For example, bottling things up is not good for the mind, but stuffing your body with bad fatty food is bad for your body. So you will have to work on both aspects. How do you process things mentally and how do you process things physically?

Consciously allowing your body to consume nutrition is therefore an important choice you have to make. This does not mean that you should never eat chips or fries again, but let it be a conscious choice that you eat healthy food every day and only occasionally have something less healthy. We bet you enjoy it more or you may no longer need it at all.

Comply with rules

If you want to live this way, you will also have to follow your own rules and have considerable discipline. 3 healthy meals a day (total women 2000 cal. men 2500 cal. And pay attention to bad fats and an excess of carbohydrates), exercise for at least half an hour a day and this at a pace that suits the rest of your life, possibly with work, children, social aspects etc.etc.

The rules you make yourself must fit into your lifestyle, because only then will it be possible to maintain it and there is a chance that you will enjoy it. As soon as the latter happens, you have taken your biggest step, because then it is part of your life (your lifestyle).

Difficulty enjoying

All those rules also mean that you may start to enjoy things in a different way. The coziness with a bag of chips on the couch watching your favorite television program can also be enjoyed with friends or family, taking a walk through the forest or along the beach and instead of chips and cookies, eat some cleaned grapes, strawberries or a tangerine. . You can enjoy the images you see in the forest or along the beach. The smells, a squirrel climbing up a tree or your own dog running along the beach. It could be anything in your new environment.
So enjoy it no less, just different. Learning that there are other things that you can enjoy and that are also good for your body. A brisk walk can be your daily exercise and it’s fun too.


It is a utopia to think that you can do it for a while. This takes time, but if you talk about it for yourself you can change that behavioral change and your associated eating and lifestyle pattern. You just have to really want it yourself.