A belly band for pregnant women

Being pregnant is something special. You will walk more and more proudly with your increasingly bulging belly. Gradually you will notice that your own clothes are becoming less comfortable. It’s slowly becoming time for maternity clothes. A belly band in particular is a must for pregnant women. It is not only convenient but also fashionable and comfortable.

Why belly bands?

A belly band is multifunctional. You can wear them under your clothes or on top of your clothes. And it also accentuates your stomach. In addition, a belly band is very comfortable and just looks nice. But even if your belly starts to grow considerably and your sweater or T-shirt no longer fits comfortably against your stomach, it is nice to wear a belly band. The belly band then ensures that your stomach no longer feels exposed. In winter, the belly band is especially pleasantly warm.

Types of belly bands

A belly band is available in different colors and sizes. The uni-colored belly band is by far the cheapest belly band and is also usually worn under your clothing. The belly band with a print is usually worn on top of clothing. This belly band accentuates your belly. The prints can vary from text to butterflies, flowers, tribals and so on. Almost anything is possible. Nowadays it is also possible to design your own print on a belly band. You will find by far the most belly bands on the internet.

Supportive abdominal bands

You also have a special supportive belly band. These have been specially developed for women who suffer a lot from ligament pain. This belly band contains extra elastic that helps you support your increasingly heavy belly. This belly band is especially useful for women who have a large belly or who are carrying multiple babies. An extra supportive abdominal band can provide relief from the pain. This extra supportive belly band can be purchased at the better baby stores.

Which size

You don’t have to go to great lengths to buy the right size belly band. You simply assume your normal clothing size. Definitely do not buy a belly band for growth. A belly band stretches enough until the last day of your pregnancy. So if you have size 40 clothing, buy a belly band in size 40. If you want to buy a belly band via the internet. First check to be sure whether you can return the belly band if the belly band does not fit properly. Otherwise you will be left with a belly band that is of no use to you at all.

2nd hand belly band

In general, there is nothing wrong with buying things second hand. But I would rather not do that with a belly band. If a belly band has been worn until the end of pregnancy, the belly band has already stretched considerably. The cummerbund has also slightly taken the shape of the person who first wore it. So if you buy a second hand belly band, it will usually not fit as well as a new belly band. This of course applies in several sizes for a really supportive belly band as well as a belly band that is only for decoration.