Biosilk Silk Therapy: Pure silk for your hair

You do your best to look your best every day. Your skin and hair suffer a lot. It is therefore important that you take good care of them and protect them against all harmful influences that you unleash on them. Protecting your hair is very easy with Biosilk Silk Therapy, a hair care product from Farouk, trendsetter in the hair field and manufacturer of the well-known Chi hair straightener.

What is Biosilk?

Biosilk is the brand name of a complete line of hair care products from Farouk based on pure natural silk. There are products for the care, styling and finishing of the hair. The hair care line consists of seven different categories, each aimed at solving hair problems and created to create, restore and renew.

Biosilk focuses on the four characteristics of silk:

Silk is the strongest fiber in the world, comparable to steel. The silk in Biosilk ensures that the hair is repaired from within, strengthens and gives the hair more volume.

Silk can retain up to 3 times its own weight in moisture. The hair is therefore completely hydrated and is therefore more elastic and retains its shape and color better. In addition, Silk Therapy can also be used on the skin, it is ideal as a moisturizing body lotion.

As can be seen from silk clothing, silk shines enormously. Silk has the same effect on hair. It makes your hair shine beautifully and gives it a healthy look.

A silk protective layer protects your hair against the harmful effects of heat, cold, humidity and UV radiation. The silk molecules also retain color longer and therefore prolong the effect of a color treatment.

In this article we focus on the Biosilk Silk Therapy. The Silk Therapy is a lightweight hair restorer made from natural silk and is suitable for all hair types. The silk protects the hair against harmful external influences (such as heat, cold, pollution and UV radiation), makes it smooth and makes it shine beautifully. It also fills irregularities in the hair and repairs split ends.

Why is it good to use Biosilk?

When you blow-dry, straighten and wash your hair often, you damage the natural protective layer of your hair. When blow-drying and straightening, the hair is heated and, if the appliance is used incorrectly, it can even burn. Every inexperienced hair straightener user has made the mistake of straightening their hair while it was still (partially) wet. At this time, the hair is greatly affected and, in the worst case, can even burn. When you want your hair to be perfect, it doesn’t work at all.

If you are careful with your hair and want to keep it beautiful, you must take good care of it. Do not wash, blow-dry or style too much. These things have a big impact on the health of your hair. Biosilk helps keep your hair in optimal condition, even if you regularly clean it.

Use Biosilk before styling your hair. You can use Silk Therapy on both dry and wet hair. Take a few drops for short hair, up to 10 drops for longer hair. After using it a few times, you will notice what the right dosage is for your hair. Spread it loosely through the hair with your hands. Be careful with your bangs or slanted locks. If you apply too much Silk Therapy to these areas, the hair can become greasy more quickly. After you have oiled your hair, you can style it as you normally would.

Tips to enjoy your hair even better:

  • When using a hair straightener, make sure that your hair is completely dry!
  • Take a look on YouTube for videos on how to use your hair straightener. You will get a lot of new ideas.
  • Always use an attachment on the hair dryer when blow-drying. This prevents your hair and scalp from burning if the hairdryer comes too close to your head.
  • Do you want to blow dry your hair quickly? Then blow-dry it with your head down and finally, when it is almost dry, shape it with a round brush. Success assured!

More Biosilk products

The Biosilk hair care line has many products suitable for different hair types. From shampoo to styling products and even a special body line.